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What does “Complete Nutritional Meal” mean?

This means the food formulation has been determined to meet nutrition levels established by the AAFCO using laboratory analysis versus being actually determined by feeding to animals.

Should I follow the provided feeding guide?

Feeding guide can be good recommendations. Evaluate daily food portions based on your pet’s age, body condition, and overall health. And be sure to consult with your vet.

Where can I buy Aristo-Cats® cat food in Malaysia?

Aristo-Cats® cat foods are available at most pet stores and hypermarket. Click Here to visit a list of chain store in Malaysia.

Can I mix Aristo-Cats® cat food with rice while feeding?

Yes. Multiple studies have shown that cats can effectively digest carbohydrates.

How long can I store my Aristo-Cats® can food after opened?

It is advised to consume within 2~3 days, consider the can food were kept in refrigerator after opened. Otherwise, cat owner should observe closely by its smell or colours. Do remove it if the can food has gone bad.